• Our oils are 100% natural.
• No middle-man.
• No masking
• No blending.
• No Added Ingredients Whatsoever.
• Just Pure, Unadulterated Nature. Uncut.

Nature. Uncut.

We are Gaia Chemie, a family-owned and operated farm. We use age-old, sustainable, earth-friendly farming practices to produce our premium cold-pressed oils, right from our farms, in the lush volcanic soils of Nicaragua.


Frank Estrada (owner) has over 19 years of supply chain logistics expertise. In 2010, he was approached by an investor while in Nicaragua, working in a family business to help him find Moringa seed oil through his extensive network of buyers in Asia. Shortly afterward, he quickly realized that most suppliers were intermediaries and had dubious quality. Many delivered adulterated Moringa oil, had no quality control, or had no commercial quantities. So, being the hands on guy that he is, Frank started his first moringa farm. No easy learning curve!! Yet, he quickly got attention from many companies due to the size and quality of his natural, uncut oil. As Moringa oil became more popular across the world, so did the nature cheaters which provided adulterated oil to large consumers.

In 2018, Frank and his family joined forces with a business partner to start a second farm to sell directly to consumers, so they may experience the power of one the most effective oils for skincare. And to raise awareness on how wonderful nature is to the human body. Our farm sits on an abandoned cattle farm that is now reforested with over 30,000 trees on more than 100 acres of land. It sits on the pacific rim of fire, under auspice of our very own Momotombo volcano that has nourished our soil for millennia.

Frank’s wife, Glendy, is the agricultural engineer that manages farm operations. While they both enjoy farming activities, there is nothing more that brings them a sense of accomplishment and a humble smile than to see their product help so many people with severe skin conditions and see their beauty being naturally enhanced. Heat can destroy nature’s perfect chemistry.

Our family uses modern, steel presses which allows our oils to retain their full potency, effectiveness and stability.

Our farm employs 20-30 people during harvest season (6 months out of the year) and 10 people in non-harvest season.

With today’s global warming, weather patterns are unpredictable. Hence, we count on a drip irrigation system to ensure our trees are hydrated accordingly, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. In fact, we love to work with  Nature-friendly products and named our company Gaia Chemie because in Greek mythology Gaia takes care of the earth.

We pride ourselves in being vertically integrated by growing, pressing, filtering, packaging and selling directly from our farm bringing the Gaia to your skin. Thanks!!

Product 100% Pure

Rediscover your true naturally beautiful skin and hair through Gaia Chemie’s 100% Natural Oils. Rejuvenate. Regenerate. Invigorate. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.